HP Palmtop related Internet resources

Archived 2013-12-08
This page has been archived and some links may not work correctly anymore. No updates of this page will be done anymore.


There are some other very valuable Internet ressources related to the HP Palmtops:

  • HP200LX.net (the former "www.palmtop.net") with lots of software for HP palmtops in the S.U.P.E.R. archive
  • The HPLX Mailing list, a still active community of HP Palmtop users. On the mailing list you can ask questions, get help, and contribute to the community.
  • 200LX.net - Michel Bel's shop for used HP palmtops and replacement parts
  • The Palmtop Paper / Thaddeus Computing offer HP palmtops, accessories, repair and upgrades. And they host the archives of the Palmtop Paper magazine, which holds lots of information, software and hardware reviews and articles of HP Palmtop users.
  • Rundel Datentechnik
  • Backlight4You, the source for do-it-yourself backlight upgrade / repair kits

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