LXGLUC.wk1 Diabetes data management with Lotus 1-2-3

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LXGLUC.wk1 is a (free) Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet for diabetes data management. It makes it possible to track diabetes data and provides some powerful data analysis and plotting features.

It is menu and macro driven, thus very convenient to use, optimized for as few keystrokes per action as possible.

LXGLUC.wk1 is useable on every computer running versions 2.4, "portable" or above of Lotus 1-2-3, such as the Hewlett Packard palmtops 95LX, 100LX, 200LX and OG700LX which have Lotus 1-2-3 portable in ROM, or any other MS-DOS or Windows machine. Currently, LXGLUC.wk1 only runs on English versions of Lotus 1-2-3.

I developed LXGLUC.wk1 to have a full-featured and mobile replacement for a commercial Windows software. Of course, LXGLUC.wk1 is not a 1:1 copy of that software, but it supports its most important features, including some complex data analysis, which can lead you to the sources of eventual therapy failures.

LXGLUC.wk1 is entirely independent from the different units for Diabetes data used in the world. It can be configured to use mmol/l instead of the default (mg/dl) with only a few keystrokes using a setup macro. Everything else is unit-independent.

What´s new? (version history):


v1.0 released 02-05-19:
     First release, some functions not yet implemented,

v1.1 released 02-05-30:
     * Much improved Standard Day graph (now 24 bars, each for one hour
       of the day, instead of 4 ranges, additionally amount of
       measurements (which the value is calculated from) on top of the
     * Improved Standard week graph (amount of measurements on top of
     * Analysis macro now writes the date of its execution into
       cell Q4 and graphs use that date in the title, so it is now
       obvious how recent the data is from which a graph is created.
     * Basal Rate graph now uses Basal Rate date in title
     * Usage guide (LXGLUC.TXT) partially rewritten. Please read it!
       (Especially advice added how to use data analysis to improve
       the therapy)
     * macro \I added to import old v1.0 data.
     * macro \O added to sort the diary
     * minor macro enhancements

v1.2 released 04-05-22:
     * bugfix: cell AH27 was faulty and caused the 7h-8h glucose
       average not to be calculated correctly.

     WK1 files created with version 1.1 can directly be used with 1.2.



Unzip the downloaded archive file, then unzip the contained file lxgluc.zip into your favorite Lotus spreadsheet working directory and follow the instructions in LXGLUC.TXT.



This is how LXGLUC.wk1 looks on the palmtop Hewlett Packard 200LX:
(note: all data is fictive, there are no real personal values involved)


Data entry: Diary


Data entry: Long-term data


Some data analysis results


Graph: glucose.
Interpretation: About every other day there is a way too high blood sugar value. But almost all other values are around 100 mg/dl and thus the blood sugar is relatively good at all. Let´s see if the next graphs show you if there is a tendency when the high values usually occur...


Graph: Standard day (glucose average values)
Interpretation: Attention: There are a few low values at night, maybe you should lower the basal rate (see next graph). But on the other hand, you should observe that a bit longer to get reliable results, because these low values were calculated each from only one (1 above the bars) measured value. Also the high value at 16-17 is not very reliable, because it is base on only one measurement. But there seems to be a tendency to high values at 12-13 (the bar is based on 5 measurements, so here has to be taken care, since it seems to be repeating!) and at 22-23. Could this be caused by meals, because maybe you usually take a meal at 12 o´clock and around 9pm? If yes, your bolus to carbohydrate ratio bay be too low. Otherwise, maybe the basal rate has to be increased. In the range around 9-11 you should lower the basal rate, because low blood sugar values seem to occur regulary between 10-12!


Graph: Basal rate of insulin pump. Can directly be compared to Standard Day graph in order to adapt the basal rate to the daily course of the blood sugar.
What you can see in combination with the standard day graph: In the range 9-11 the basal rate is already very low, but it should be lowered even more. So, consider setting it to 0.1 at 9-10 and 10-11! And due to the low glucose values early in the morning, maybe the basal rate should also be lowered between 00 and 03 or 04.


Graph: Standard week (glucose average values)
Interpretation: Why is the blood sugar so low on Mondays and Wednesdays, compared to all the other days? May be coincidence, because not very much measurements are used to calculate the values (only 4 to 8 measurements), so wait a few weeks and review the graph then to see if there is really a tendency to bad values at specific days!


Graph: blood pressure


Graph: weight
Interpretation: Seemed to be a good diet between July 01 and May 02!


Graph: HbA1, HbA1c
Interpretation: What caused the high motivation to care about the blood sugar before Aug-99? Think about it and try to get a similar motivation again! The recent HbA1(c) value tendency is definitely not what you want! Try to keep the HbA1 below 8% and the HbA1c below 7%!

Using LXGLUC.wk1 with Excel

It is possible to load LXGLUC.wk1 into Excel under Windows. That makes it possible to easily print the graphs or the diary as a list to take them to the doctor.
All the values and formulas will be treated correctly, however, Excel does not make use of the macros and menus of LXGLUC, so operating LXGLUC.wk1 under Excel may be difficult.


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