HP Palmtop 1000CX - Technical information

Archived 2013-12-08
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The HP 1000CX palmtop is basically identical to the well-known 200LX model, except for its lack of most of the ROM software, except MS-DOS 5.0, some device drivers and Laplink software. Another difference is that the 1000CX has the beautiful old black case color which was used also for the 100LX. The 200LX's case is more greenish.

One more minor difference is that the keyboard is missing the "Blue keys", which start the built-in application on the 200LX. Instead, these keys act as the SHIFTed values of the corresponding keys on the 200LX, i.e. exclamation mark, at sign, hash, dollar, caret, Amper´s And and braces.

There are 1MB and 2MB models of the 1000CX available.

The hardware of the 1000CX is almost identical to the hardware of the 200LX, so 200LX-compatible upgrades can be applied to the 1000CX as well.


Here are the pictures, which show the differences to the 200LX. More pictures aren´t necessary, because otherwise the 1000CX is identical to the 200LX. You see the free space where the 200LX board has an additional IC. This is one of the two ROM ICs, which is missing on the 1000CX board.


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