The Intel Hornet chip

Archived 2013-12-08
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This article is related to the Palmtops HP 100LX, 200LX, 1000CX and OmniGo 700LX. The 95LX has a different CPU.

The Hornet chip (CPU) and block diagram

The heart of the 100LX/200LX/1000CX/OG700LX is the Intel Hornet chip. It is an embedded PC, i.e. it contains the Intel 80186 CPU and all necessary interfaces. Here is some info about the Hornet chip:

Block diagram (PDF, 10kB)

Hornet Pinout (PDF, 37 kB)

Intel data sheet about the 80C186 by Larry Bates (PDF, 400kB)


See also: Tutorial: Disassembly of a 200LX

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