DIASYM: DIABASS compatible diabetes diary for Symbian cellphones

Archived 2012-10-10:
This product is not sold or supported by hermocom anymore and this article may be outdated.

DIASYM is now freeware.
Enter this information in the "Registration" dialog of DIASYM, in order to unlock all of DIASYM's features:
Username: freeware
License key: hmc169018752223117

If you get a "Signature expired" error when installing, set your device's date temporarily back to "2012-01-01" (it may be necessary to temporariliy disable automatic date/time setting via network for this) and retry the installation. After successful installation, set correct date/time again.

DIASYM is a diabetes diary application for cellular phones.
Which phones are supported? See below.

DIASYM is compatible to mediaspects DIABASS, the well-known diabetes data management application for Windows PCs.

DIASYM can be used to record all your diabetes data with your mobile phone. While DISAYM also offers some data evaluation functions, you may want to use mediaspects DIABASS to analyze your data in further detail. DIASYM's convenient data transfer to DIABASS assures that it is only a matter of a few minutes until all your DIASYM data is available in DIABASS on your PC.

If you are looking for a Symbian diabetes diary which is compatible with Sinovo SiDiary, have a look at my program "C-Diary"!




  • Multilanguage: English, German and French interface
  • High efficency:
    • Quick and easy data entry and editing
    • Quick and easy database navigation
  • Day trend as a convenient diagram
  • Day statistics (more statistics planned). Day pie chart visualizes day's quality at a glance.
  • Highly configurable:
    • Multilanguage program interface (English, German, French)
    • Units: mg/dl, mmol/l. BE, KE, g etc.
    • Blood glucose target range and limits
  • Entry of following data supported per record: Blood glucose, Insulin 1, Insulin 2, Carbohydrates, Hypoglycemia symptoms, Injection-food delay, Blood pressure and Pulse, Comment, Weight, and 36 predefined events as well as 26 user-definable event.
  • DIASYM is the Symbian mobile companion for mediaspects DIABASS and allows data transfer conveniently using following methods:
    • Bluetooth or Infrared connection (file transfer for import into mediaspects DIABASS on the PC)
    • via Email (file transfer for import into mediaspects DIABASS PC version)
  • Operable via keyboard and/or touchscreen
  • Native Symbian program, DIASYM is not a Java application. Hence DIASYM has great snappy performance and can handle databases with several thousand records without a problem.
Screenshot of DIASYM

Screenshot of DIASYM


The following screenshots are taken on the Symbian UIQ3 phone "M600i" by Sony Ericsson. On other platforms, DIASYM may look slightly differently.

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge:


Here you can download the current version of DIASYM including the import filter for mediaspects DIABASS (provided by mediaspects GmbH):

{jd_file file==8}


In unlicensed DEMO mode, DIASYM will be fully functional except that the amount of data records in the diary is limited.
To overcome this limitation, you need a usage license:

DIASYM is now freeware.
Enter this information in the "Registration" dialog of DIASYM, in order to unlock all of DIASYM's features:
Username: freeware
License key: hmc169018752223117

On which cell phones can DIASYM be used?


DIASYM runs on the Symbian platforms UIQ2, UIQ3, Series60 (S60) 2nd, 3rd and 5th edition.
Thus many current phones made by Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers are supported.

The following list shows phone models which should support DIASYM. I cannot guarantee that DIASYM indeed runs on all of these phones, because I cannot test all of them. Also, the list may be incomplete.
In order to find out if DIASYM is supported by your phone, please download and install it. Before buying a license, it will run in demo mode and you can try all features before you buy a license.

A current overview over Symbian phone is available in the cell phone lists provided by Wikipedia:

List of S60 devices
List of UIQ devices
List of Symbian^3 devices


  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia E7
  • Nokia C6-00
  • Nokia C6-01
  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia X7
  • Nokia 5230/5235
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia 3250
  • Nokia 5500
  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E61i
  • Nokia E62
  • Nokia E65
  • Nokia E70
  • Nokia N71
  • Nokia N73
  • Nokia N75
  • Nokia N77
  • Nokia N80
  • Nokia N80 Internet Edition
  • Nokia N91
  • Nokia N92
  • Nokia N93
  • Nokia N93i
  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator
  • Nokia 6120 classic
  • Nokia 6121 classic
  • Nokia 6124 classic
  • Nokia 6290
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia E63
  • Nokia E66
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia E90 Communicator
  • Nokia N81
  • Nokia N81 8GB
  • Nokia N82
  • Nokia N76
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N95 8GB
  • Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6220 classic
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator
  • Nokia 6650
  • Nokia 6700 slide
  • Nokia 6720 classic
  • Nokia 6730 classic
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 6760 slide
  • Nokia C5-00
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia E55
  • Nokia E71x
  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia E75
  • Nokia N78
  • Nokia N79
  • Nokia N85
  • Nokia N86 8MP
  • Nokia N96
  • Nokia 3230
  • Nokia 6260
  • Nokia 6600
  • Nokia 6620
  • Nokia 6670
  • Nokia 7610
  • Nokia 6630
  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia 6681
  • Nokia 6682
  • Nokia N70
  • Nokia N72
  • Nokia N90
  • Nokia 6708
  • Sony Ericsson Satio (Konzeptname: Idou)
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
  • Sony Ericsson P1/Sony Ericsson P1i/P1c (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson M600/Sony Ericsson M600i/M608c (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson P990/Sony Ericsson P990i/P990c (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson W950/Sony Ericsson W950i/W958c (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson W960/Sony Ericsson W960i/W960c (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson G700 (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson G900 (UIQ 3.0)
  • Sony Ericsson P800 (UIQ 2.0)
  • Sony Ericsson P900 (UIQ 2.1)
  • Sony Ericsson P910 (UIQ 2.1)
  • Samsung i8910 HD
  • Samsung SGH-G810
  • Samsung SGH-i520
  • Samsung SGH-i450
  • Samsung SGH-i550
  • Samsung SGH-i560
  • Samsung i7110
  • Samsung i8510 Innov8
  • Samsung SGH-D710
  • Samsung SGH-D720
  • Samsung SGH-D730
  • Samsung SGH-Z600
  • Motorola RIZR Z8/Motorola Nahpohos Z8 (UIQ 3.1)
  • Motorola RIZR Z10 (UIQ 3.2)
  • Motorola A920 (UIQ 2.0)
  • Motorola A925 (UIQ 2.0)
  • Motorola A1000 (UIQ 2.1)
  • Motorola M1000 (UIQ 2.1)
  • LG KS10 JoY
  • LG KT610
  • LG KT770
  • Panasonic X700
  • Panasonic X800
  • Lenovo P930
  • Benq P30 (UIQ 2.0)
  • Benq P31 (UIQ 2.1)
  • Arima U300 (UIQ 2.0)
  • Arima U308 (UIQ 2.1)

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