by Avi Meshar

The CEO of D&A Software about my continuation of the work on D&A Software's HP Palmtop software products

"Daniel joined our team in 2003 as a beta tester and quickly showed his abilities by promoting user interface improvements that elevated the quality of our programs significantly. He has a deep understanding of how humans interact with computers and software and this knowledge was very freely utilized while beta testing many of our programs.

He proposed many features that added value to the product, made them stand out and impress customers and users. Comments from customers about improvements suggested, and later coded by Daniel, included terms such as "polished", "agile", "anticipated my next move".


These are high praises about any human-engineered product, and especially about software. This achievement must be appreciated as well when considering the severe constraints of the platform: Tiny keyboard on the HP 200LX, extremely restricted memory, a black and white screen with ASCII only capabilities and 24 lines by 80 characters.

Daniel became the keeper and maintainer of our software with the blessings of the original author. He added scores of features to our email program, bringing it on par, and in many aspects exceeding the strong industry standards such as Outlook, Eudora and Mozilla email. 
In another program, our MindMap/LX (MM/LX), he built a new capability, taking the program to a new direction, adding much life to it. It became a tool to publish outlines as very complete documents or even Webpages. As such, the MindMap tool became a swift way to publish documents that were compiled rapidly using the mind mapping technique of MM/LX. This was an elegant development which made a great tool even greater, adding a lot of productivity to the use of the program.

Daniel's strengths lie in his ability to integrate skills from many areas and consolidate them in building broad solutions to difficult issues in the software. For example, he build a user interface into MM/LX that extended the usability of the program into a presentation of material that could then be used in various disciplines: HTML to display as a webpage, document formatted for word processing and so on. I am very gratified that Daniel improved our products and worked with us. We have all benefited from his sharp problem solving skills, his deep grasp of user interfaces and his communication and negotiation skills while presenting and promoting solutions."


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