Ethernet PCMCIA cards (HP 200LX in the LAN)

It is possible to connect the HP 200LX to a local area network (LAN) using a PCMCIA Ethernet card. 


Since the PCMCIA slot is occupied by the card, all software that is used to comunicate via LAN needs to be installed on the RAM drive (C:).

Three cards are known to work with the HP 200LX:

  • Netgear FA411
  • Accton EN2216
  • Silicom Ethernet PCMCIA card (this one may have compatibility problems with the doublespeed upgrade)



For communication via LAN you may use the WWW/LX software suite by D&A software. You can find WWW/LX and its companion programs in the S.U.P.E.R. archive or on the D&A software website.

You can find an example of a quite complex WWW/LX configuration, that I used for many years and that includes usage of an Accton EN2216 ethernet card, here

Another example setup – by Ted Heise – is described here.



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