In case of failure or problems

In case your Pandora does not behave as expected, has a hardware defect or a software problem, you are not lost with your device and no contacts for support. There is a huge community, available via one of the online forums, there is OpenPandora GmbH and of course there is hermocom. All of these institutions are able and willing to help out quickly and effective.

  • Broken case or screen? USB connector not working? Battery is dead? All kinds of spare parts are quickly available at low cost.
  • PNDs are not recognized? Software not working? USB devices not usable? Configuration issues? Just ask, and you will be helped. 
  • Do you like to see a speical piece of software supported by the Pandora? Just ask for a Pandora port of that software.

Almost everything is possible with open hardware, open source software and an open community!