Pandora as a productivity tool

Gaming device or productivity tool?

The Pandora has been designed as an open mobile gaming device. Hence the Pandora has game controls, such as digital pads and analog nubs. However, due to the existence of a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen, and the possibility to externally connect full-size keyboard and mouse using USB or Bluetooth and even an external monitor using a DisplayLink USB adapter, and because it runs Linux and thus can be extended by a huge variety of productivity software, the Pandora is even suited for regular office work.
If you have questions about this kind of usage, please contact me.

The gaming controls can even be used as excellent mouse and cursor control handles (analog nubs, digital keypad), and as an aid in typing (the shoulder buttons L and R are usable as modifier keys Shift and Ctrl, and with their easy access on the back when holding the Pandora in both hands, they can speed up typing texts and controlling software significantly) 

You may have a look into the Pandora software repository to see what productivity software is already available. For example in the categories:

hermocom supports and recommends this platform. 
If you are interested in the possibilities, you may contact me and discuss your needs.


Pandora customization

If you are interested in special hardware and/or software configurations for special uses of this new and promising device, please contact me, so we can discuss the possibilites. 

For special purposes, the hardware of the Pandora can be hacked easily. See my article about Hardware Customization.

In addition see those productivity enhancements I have done: