The software is impressive, too:

  • The Pandora Linux is based on Angstrom Linux. It's fast and optimized for mobile devices, but it's still very capable. Most common console-based and GUI tools, libraries etc. are available. For on-board development you will need additional packages.
  • There is also an alternative Linux distribution optimized for the Pandora, SL4P (Slackware for Pandora), that offers a full Linux OS with all the tools you are used to from a "large" Linux PC, including the development tools.
  • revolutionary system for installing software very easily has been invented by the Pandora developer team: PND. This is a one-file approach, similar to software installation on Mac OS X: You download one application PND file, put it onto an SD card, and the system automatically recognizes its presence and makes the application available to the user. No installation, no uninstallation (just delete the PND file to uninstall), and the operating system remains untouched by such installations. (See video about PND system)
  • Additional option to run Debian Linux on top of the Anstrom-based PandoraOS, which opens up a wide variety of additional software ressources (e.g. OpenOffice)

I have made available some games and programs for the Pandora. Click here to see my software repository submissions.

The three main resources for Pandora software (mainly games, but also productivity applications and tools) are

Let me especially recommend the professional outliner "NoteCase Pro" as a productivity tool. It serves a lot of purposes, can replace a bunch of other tools at once, runs on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS and of course the Pandora, and can be extended using third-party or self-written Plugins

Pandorawiki page for NoteCase Pro 

Click here to visit the NoteCase Pro product page