The Pandora / Pyra

Attention: The Pyra will be out soon!

Please also check the Pandora's successor, the Pyra. It will be available soon.

About the Pandora

There is a new, very powerful Linux PDA on the market, called "Pandora", developed and distributed by the OpenPandora GmbH in Germany.

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This is a very special project, because it has been initiated and is driven by a group of normal people like you and me. The development and even the financing of the project is community-based.

Meanwhile there are several hardware configurations of the Pandora available, equipped with up to 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM.
All Pandora models have the usual hardware components, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, SD card slots, standard USB port etc. For details, see below.

On request you may be able to obtain a "light" Pandora, with one or two hardware components not working (e.g. WiFi or USB) for a very attractive price.

The development of "Pandora 2", the Pandora successor, is ongoing but will take some time.
The original Pandora is available from the distributors (click the "Order Now" button), usually without waiting time.


You may contact me, if you are interested in using the Pandora as a tool for your daily mobile computing needsThe Pandora being an open platform, driven by Linux, makes a lot of things possible, that would never be possible with a Windows, iOS or Android mobile device.