Hardware Customization

The Pandora is an open platform. All software is open, and the hardware has been developed with customizing in mind.

Valuable resources for users who want to customize their Pandora are:


I have developed two hardware modifications for the Pandora:

hermocom hardware hack #1: Keyboard illumination

I have added two LEDs illuminating the keyboard and wrote a Plugin for the Pandora configbutton utility that lets the user enable and disable the keyboard light. The brightness of the LEDs is configurable.

The hardware modification is described in detail here.

The configbutton plugin can be downloaded here:

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hermocom hardware hack #2: Hinge modification for laptop-like use

The opening angle of the Pandora's hinge is not the optimized for laptop-like usage of the Pandora (i.e. device sitting on the table and user writing on the keyboard). I modified the resting angle of the hinge to overcome this problem.

The hardware modification is described in detail here.

However, please note that another member of the Pandora boards has developed a much better method to achieve the same goal.