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GDBDUMPX Version:1
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GDBDUMPX is a new version of GDBDUMP (export databases from HP Palmtops to CSV), that was enhanced by:

- output is now compatible with MS Excel

- source is compilable under Linux

(source included in ZIP package)

Changes compared to GDBDUMP:

   - field delimiter is ";" instead of "," 

   - only fields containing a ";" or a newline (rn) are now wrapped in doublequotes.

   - doublequotes within fields wrapped in doublequotes are now escaped with doubled doublequotes '""' instead of '"'

   - doublequotes within fields NOT wrapped in doublequotes are now printed literally instead of '"'

   - newline (rn) is written literally to the CSV, not as 'rn' string anymore (so that Excel creates those newlines in the field's cell, too)


   - date format changed from YYYYMMDD to ISO date format YYYY-MM-DD

   - time format changed from HHMM to HH:MM


   On Linux, compile with -fpermissive option to suppress char pointer conversion warnings.




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