Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before you order anything from hermocom:

Worldwide availability of hermocom services

My products and services are available worldwide, except repair and upgrade installation services.
Upgrade installation, as well as repair of devices, is only available for residents of the European Union.
However, upgrade parts, spare parts as well as all other available items, unless denoted otherwise individually, are sold worldwide. It is just the service which is EU-bound.


I accept following methods of payment:

  • SEPA money transfer to my bank account using IBAN and BIC numbers.
  • Paypal payment. This option is available for an additional fee of 4% of the total value. You may also pay with your credit card via PayPal.

Please be aware that hermocom is a "Kleinunternehmen" (means "small business"), according to German law §19 Abs. 1 UStG. This forbids me to charge VAT from my customers, which in turn makes bureaucracy simpler for me. That means on one hand that the prices for my services are generally lower, because no VAT is added. But this means on the other hand, that for hardware the price may be as high as usual (because I have to pay VAT when buying hardware), but that I cannot pass the VAT on to the customer on the invoice, resulting in a higher net price.

Reaction time, turnaround time, delivery

  • If you order items from me which I have on stock, it usually takes at most four business days for me to send them out to you.
  • If you send in your device for service, I usually finish the service job within one week (including appropriate testing) and then ship the unit back to you. Should it take longer (e.g. if I have to order hardware parts prior to being able to finish the job), I will give you an estimation of the delay as soon as possible.
  • If you use my consulting service or order parts I do not have on stock, the time required to fulfill the job or deliver the items highly depends on a variety of factors. Please ask, I will submit you an individual offer.

Shipping costs

I use shipping services of Deutsche Post (small items, internationally), DHL (larger items, internationally) and Hermes Logistik Gruppe (larger items, only within EU).

In order for you to be able to estimate shipping costs in advance, I give a few data points here. Please ask for your individual exact shipping costs for the item of your interest.

The following table lists approximate shipping costs in EURO to a few selected destinations. Please read the notes about insurance below the list:

 to Germany (min.)to EUto USAmax.
Registered Parcel up to 5kg, e.g. Palmtop, PDA... 5.00 15.00 32.00 50.00
Registered Letter up to 100g, e.g. small spare parts 5.00 5.00 7.00 7.00
Registered Letter up to 1kg, e.g. heavier parts / cheap devices 9.00 9.00 15.00 20.00

Shipping as a parcel for the above basic fees includes insurance up to 500.00 EURO within EU and about 50.00 to other countries.

In order to get insurance for a value up to 500.00 EURO worldwide, sometimes the costs are much higer, e.g. 58.00 EURO to South Korea. To some countries, insurance is not available at all (e.g. North Korea).
If you need higher insurance, please ask for the individual additional costs.
If the package gets lost and has been sent without appropriate insurance, I cannot be made liable for the loss.

This means for example: If you ordered an item for 200.00 EURO, asked me to ship with standard insurance of only up to 50.00 EURO, and the package gets lost, I will only refund what the postal service refunds (i.e. 50.00 EURO). The remaining additional value of the parcel contents is transported on your own risk.

Shipping of small items as a registered letter includes insurance up to about 35.00 EURO (more accurate: 30.00 SDR).
If higher insurance for a registered letter is needed, shipping costs increase by about 1/100th of the worth of the shipped items.

If I ship goods to countries outside the EU, the customer may have to pay import taxes and / or customs fees. These fees must in every case be paid by the customer.


hermocom gives following warranty periods for products and services:

  • 2 years for a new item you bought (Upgrades are not included, see below).
  • 90 days for a used item you bought
  • 90 days for repair or upgrade service
  • There is one exception: I can only give 1 month of warranty for a repaired HP palmtop screen.

In case the purchased product or part fails within the warranty period due to a hardware failure, which is not caused by bad usage, I will either exchange or repair the item for free, or, if I do not have an adequate item on stock and cannot repair it, I will refund the money paid for the item or for the repair. The decision which method is chosen is up to me, but wil be discussed with the customer. In case of a repaired item, the warranty is limited to the failure which has been resolved by the repair, i.e. you can submit a warranty claim if the failure reappears or if a very similar failure appears within 90 days . In case of an upgraded item, you can submit a warranty claim if the upgraded part fails or if the failure of the item is directly related to the upgrade.
It is necessary that you keep the invoice you received for the item, so that you can send a copy to me in case you need to use the warranty. If you do not have the invoice anymore, warranty cannot be granted.

Return of goods

You have the right to return hardware within 14 days after buying them online. You don't need to explain anything. Just return the goods (if you return by mail, please make sure shipping costs are covered entirely by you) and I will return the money paid for the goods. Software is not covered by that right in general.


Contents of the Web site

The author does not take over any guarantee for the topicality, the correctness, completeness or quality of the information, made available. Liability claims against the author, concerning damage of idealistic or of material kind, which was caused by the use or not use of the presented information and/or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are in principle impossible, so far as not a deliberate or roughly negligent fault can be proved on the part of the author.
The documents and graphics on this Web site can be affected by technical inaccuracies or misprints, for which I don't assume any liability. hermocom any time and without announcement can carry out technical amendments or improvements at the products which don't have to be documented absolutely on this Web site. Therefore hermocom doesn't take any guarantee for the correctness of the details on this Web site. A legally binding contract on no account takes place alone by the information given here. Please consult me before you make use of the information given here for your application.
The author expressly reserves himself the right to change, to supplement or to delete parts of the pages or the entire offer or occasionally or finally to stop the publication without separate announcement.

References and links

For direct or indirect references to outside Internet pages ("links"), which are not within the area of responsibility of the author, a liability obligation would come into force exclusively in the case, when the author has knowledge about the contents and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of illegal contents.
The author hereby expressly states that at the time of the setting of the links there were no illegal contents recognizable at the linked pages. The author does not have any influence on the current and future organization, the contents or the authorship of the linked pages. Therefore the author dissociates himself hereby expressly from all contents of all linked/referenced pages, which were changed after the link has been set. This statement applies to all links and references, set within the own internet offer as well as to foreign entries in guest books, panels and mailing lists and other systems users can create content with, installed by the author. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damage, which arises from the use or not use of such kind of presented information, is responsible only the owner of the page, to which one referred, not the one, who only refers to the respective publication by links.

Copyright, brands and trademarks

The author will make every effort to consider in all publications copyrights of the used illustrations, sounds, video sequences and texts, to use illustrations, sounds, video sequences produced by himself, or to fall back on license-free illustrations, sounds, video sequences and texts. All brands and trade marks, mentioned within the internet offer, which may be registered and protected by third parties are unrestricted subject to the regulations of the respective valid laws and to the rights of the registered owners. However, due to the bare mention of a brand or trademark, one can not come to the conclusion, that brand names are not protected by rights of third parties. The copyright for published objects, produced by the author himself, remains only with the author of the pages. A duplication or a use of such illustrations, sounds, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the strict agreement of the author is not permitted.

Data protection

If within the internet offer there is the possibility for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses), or if such data is submitted to hermocom by email or similar ways, then giving up these data takes place on the part of the user on an expressly voluntary basis. The recourse to and payment of all offered services are permitted - so far technically possible and reasonable - also without indication of such data and/or under indication of anonymized data or an alias. hermocom assures that all personal data which is submitted to hermocom is used for the only purpose to serve the customer. The data may be stored for later use by hermocom, e.g. for (infrequent) notifications about product updates or related services, but the data will never be given to a third party or abused in another way.

Legal force of this non-liability statement

This non-liability statement is to be regarded as part of the internet offer, from which to this page is referred. If parts or individual formulations of this text should not, no longer or not completely correspond to the valid legal situation, the remaining parts of this document remain unaffected in their contents and their validity.