Fields of interest

hermocom is one of the last few supporters worldwide for the MS-DOS based Hewlett Packard Palmtop 200LX and its relatives (in short often called "HPLX"). I offer repair and upgrade services, as well as spare parts for the Palmtop models HP 100LX, HP 200LX, HP 1000CX and partially HP 95LX and HP Omnigo 700LX. I also sell such Palmtops, even with customized configuration.

The HP 200LX, developed in 1993, is a real marvel in mobile productivity. Some people and some companies still use it for their daily computing work or for special mobile computing purposes. It was hard to find dignified successors. The SHARP Zaurus PDAs were candidates for that role, but the software needed a lot of optimization. Hence I offered weeXpc, an innovative, very stable Linux distribution for the SHARP Zaurus PDAs which contains lots of office tools.

Temporarily, UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs) got more and more into my focus, as they slowly were becoming really useful for daily work. Devices such as the UMID M1, UMID BZ and the Viliv N5 were my favorite candidates for ultra-mobile productivity. However, with Windows they were not as flexible as the Pandora, and the hardware had its problems. Additionally, the companies (UMID, Viliv) got out of business and so no new devices, repairs or spare parts were available anymore.

Now that SHARP does not manufacture the Zaurus PDAs anymore, Linux PDAs tend to get bigger and thus are unpocketable (e.g. the SHARP Netwalker), and Windows-based UMPCs are not available anymore, I found an interesting Zaurus successor in the OpenPandora project with its product, the Pandora handheld.

A slightly different field of activity is Symbian Smartphones: I developed software for this platform. Officially released are two diabetes diary applications, called C-Diary and DIASYM.

Being my number 1 daily productivity tool for many years now, I promote the NoteCase Pro outliner by Virtual Sky, develop Plugins for it, maintain the website and the official NoteCase Pro Plugin feed.